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Monday, 1:05 PM to 2:05 PM
Beginning Latin  
Teacher:  Analiisa Reichlin
Age:  8 - 11
Cost:  $200 tuition per year, paid in four $50 payments;
$35 copy/supply fee per year, paid in one $35 payment
Text:  Latin for Children Primer A, Version 4.0 or later, ISBN: 978-1-60051-000-7
Description: Influential author and academic Dorothy Sayers said, “The best grounding for education is the Latin grammar.  I say this not because Latin is traditional and medieval, but simply because even a rudimentary knowledge of Latin cuts down the labor and pains of learning almost any other subject by at least 50 percent.”  Almost 60 percent of all English words are derived from Latin.  Studies of elementary students who have taken Latin show a significant advancement in world knowledge, reading, grammar, spelling, science, and social studies.  Young children's brains are ripe for learning a language, and studying Latin has the added benefit of increasing English vocabulary and improving the understanding and usage of English grammar, all while learning to read, write, speak, and translate sentences in Latin.  Students will also develop literary and cultural appreciation for the Romans and connect how the Romans still influence the world today through projects like mosaic tile making, creating a Latin version of Clue, and performing plays in Latin.  As well, the arts will be integrated into the classroom to promote the growth of neural pathways in the brain so that the learning is more cohesive and permanent!
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