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Homeschool Connections is a Christian organization.  While on site, you must be respectful of the beliefs and values reflected in the Statement of Faith and Statement of Beliefs.  The information in this handbook reflects our belief that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, and dignity.

Information & Guidelines

Connections is designed for families.  You must be the parent or legal guardian of any children you bring to Connections, and one parent must be present on-site with your children.

  • Communication: Our primary method of communication is via email.  Please check your email on a regular basis, and notify us if your email address changes.  We send only information directly related to Connections.  At Connections, you are also provided with a mailbox folder to facilitate paper communication and tuition payment.  Please check your folder weekly.
  • Jobs: Every week you are responsible to complete at least one organizational job for each day you participate in Connections’ classes.  You may need to arrive earlier or stay later than your class times in order to perform your job.  If you need to be absent, please find a replacement.
  • Campus hours: 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your first class, and leave in a timely manner after your last class.  At the end of the day, all families must vacate the campus promptly.
  • Closed campus: Connections is a closed campus.  Students may not leave campus between classes without parental consent.  Graduated students and Running Start students who are not registered in Homeschool Connections may not be on campus during class hours.
  • When not in class: Students must be in Study Hall, the Monday Playroom* (ages 0-7 years), or in a car with their parent.  Students may not be in the hallways or common areas of the facility during class hours.  *Enrolling a child in the playroom requires your assistance in the playroom on a rotating basis, in addition to your regular job assignment.
  • Drinks: Students may only have water in classrooms.  Drinks must be in a closed container.  Please clean up spills and report them to the welcome table.
  • Food: Eating is only allowed in the designated lunchrooms, Open Study Hall, or outside.  Please clean up after yourself.
  • Attire: Clothing should be modest.  Please consider length of shorts, hemlines, and necklines.  Shirts must cover backs and midriffs.  Shoes are required.  Attire should not be distracting to others.  If not dressed appropriately, you may be asked by a board member to cover up or return home to change.
  • Conduct: Public displays of affection between couples are not allowed.  Greeting hugs between friends should be brief and respectful.  Physical aggression, bullying, or foul language is not acceptable.
  • Tutoring: Tutoring for the exchange of money (payment) may not take place on campus.
  • Play ball in designated areas only: When a parent is present to supervise, students may play games in the coned-off area in the south parking lot at the churches.
  • Drive slowly: All drivers need to drive safely and slowly through the parking lot, as you would in a school zone.
  • Dangerous items: Do not use or display knives (other than as a food preparation tool), lighters, weapons, or any other such implements.
  • Illegal acts: We do not condone and will report any illegal acts on campus.
  • Parents: We encourage parents to attend classes with their children, but please do not visit during class, limit your coming and going, and silence your cell phone.
  • Siblings: Siblings (except nursing infants) are not allowed to attend classes for which they are not registered.
  • Illness: Please keep sick family members at home.  Contact the facilitator and/or teacher to get assignments and information missed.
  • Activities: Monday and Wednesday classes, and band, choir, and drama performances are official Homeschool Connections events and are the only activities covered by our liability insurance.
  • To drop a class: Notify the class facilitator, and pay the drop fee.
  • To withdraw entirely from Connections:
    • Notify all your class facilitators.
    • Pay drop fees.
    • Notify the Database board member.
    • Notify the appropriate Monday Jobs and/or Wednesday Jobs board member.
Parent Absences

A parental presence onsite is mandatory.  Dropping off your children without a Connections’ parent-in-charge is not allowed.

  • If a situation arises and you must be temporarily absent: Ask another Connections' parent to be your parent-in-charge.  Let your children know; fill out and put a Parent Off-Site form in your mailbox folder and in a board member's folder.
  • For parents of teens (ages 13 and up): If it is necessary to be off campus on a regular basis, you may have another Connections’ parent take responsibility for your teens and your job on an ongoing basis.  To do so, fill out a Teens/Job Share form and submit it for approval.  Once approved, the Teens/Job Share form stays in your mailbox folder.  If you take responsibility for another family's teenagers, you may be responsible for only one family at a time.
Church Facilities

We are guests of the host facilities and expect everyone to behave as such.

  • Please do not ask the church staff for help; direct all questions to a board member.
  • Use only those areas at the churches that are designated for Connections’ use.
  • When outside, stay off fences and out of landscaping.  All church playgrounds are off limits.
  • Bicycles, roller shoes, skates, skateboards, scooters, or roller blades are not allowed in the church building or parking lot.
  • Only working service animals are allowed inside the church.  Dogs are not allowed on church grounds.

Failure to comply with these policies may jeopardize your privilege to participate in Homeschool Connections’ classes.  Talk with a board member if you have extenuating circumstances regarding these policies.  The board reserves the right to deny participation to any family or student.

Send email to webdude@homeschool-connections.com with questions or comments about this site.
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