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   Have a great summer!

   Registration is closed July 1 through August 14.  It reopens August 15.

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Familiarize yourself with our website.  It is your responsibility to understand and commit to our policies or you could jeopardize your registration status.

  • Are you eligible to register?
  • Will you abide by our Family Handbook?
  • Are you willing and able to perform at least one job per day?
  • Will you comply with our Fees Policy?
  • Are you interested in any of our classes?  Click on the class titles for a detailed description of each class.  Be aware of the day and time the class is offered.  Wednesday classes are listed below Monday classes. 
  • Will you comply with the pre-requisites and age range for each class?
  • Are you committed to remaining in classes for the entire school year
  • Do you acknowledge that Homeschool Connections is a Christian organization, and while on-site, your family must be respectful of the beliefs and values reflected in the Statement of Faith and Statement of Beliefs?

Registration Timing and Instructions for 2019-20

  • Middle of March, classes will be posted on this website for your review. 
  • March 25 - April 17, parents only are invited to sit in on classes to get to know our teachers.  In consideration of the students, please wait to ask questions of teachers between classes.  Current and new potential parents are welcome.
  • March 26  from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Northlake, families are invited to our Open House/Curriculum Night. This will be a great way to connect with teachers, leisurely look at curriculum, meet new teachers, and plan for registration.  Current and new potential families are welcome.
  • After Spring Break, re-enrollment is open to families returning from the previous school year. 
  • April 23, registration opens to new families that meet the Connections' criteria outlined in this website; they may start the application process April 1.
  • July 1 through August 14, registration is closed
  • August 15 at 9am through February 29, registration re-opens through facilitators.  

Send email to webdude@homeschool-connections.com with questions or comments about this site.
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