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Class Age Ranges

  All classes have a designated age range for students.  Our age cutoff is September 1.  If you need to have a student, who is outside the age limits (whether too young or too old, even if only by one day), considered for a class you must ask the teacher to grant you an exception.  Not all requests will be granted. 

  • During on-line registration, you can email the teacher your request through the registration website.  If the teacher grants an exception, the teacher must enter it into the registration website prior to your registration for that class.  To expedite the process, you should talk with the teacher before you register.
  • During registration through facilitators, you should email the teacher.  If the teacher grants an exception, forward the email to the facilitator.

  Age exceptions in excess of one year above or below the listed age require both teacher and board approval.  If the teacher is in favor of the request, you will need to email your request (detailing your reasons) to the board.  Not all requests will be granted.

  Having an age exception granted does not guarantee admission into the class.

Last Updated: Friday, July 29, 2016, 10:14:55 AM